Trueflight Feathers are harvested from the highest quality turkey feathers gathered from US turkey producers. They are hand processed with quills ground and cleaned and hand inspected at least 3 times before leaving the factory. Trueflight are proudly finished entirely in the USA under strict US labour and environmental laws.

Specs at a glance.

  • Size 4 inches
  • Length 4in or 101.6mm
  • Height 0.56in or 14.29mm
  • Weight 2.3 grains

Feathers are extremely light weight, high strength with fold down forgiveness and aerodynamic “grip” of unsurpassed quality and are up to 700 times lighter than vanes. They provide faster arrow velocities and eliminate bow window clearance problems. No man-made vane comes even close.

The bases or quills of Trueflight Feathers are ground which means no other preparation is needed before you fletch your arrows.

  • Accurate
  • Stable
  • Forgiving
  • Aerodynamic
  • Quills are uniformly pre-ground for consistent fletching
  • No arrow deflection on release
  • Up to 700% lighter than vanes
  • Faster arrow velocity
  • Bow tuning is simple and less critical
  • No fletch clearance problems
  • Unaffected by ultra-violet rays whereas vanes stiffen & deteriorate
  • Ecologically, feathers are natural bio-degradable products
  • Less chance of brush deflection when hunting
  • No other preparation needed before fletching
  • Smooth soft natural & historic appeal not matched by plastic vanes
  • Feathers are the way to go if you want less guidance on a light weight arrow, but still need forgiveness, stability & minimum weight
  • Feathers only sourced from US farms
  • Hand processed & inspected at least 3 times
  • Finished entirely in USA under strict US laws
  • Unsurpassed quality

If you want the best arrow flight and to shoot tighter groups, fletch with Trueflight Feathers.

AA-4 Trueflight 4in Parabolic Feathers 25pk


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