All Blade Archery presents their new broadhead that is receiving rave reviews.

All-Blade found a way to use practice tips and turn them into a very effective broadhead.

These little beauties fit with practice tips, yet don't sacrifice any weight or aerodynamics of the arrow.

Take the All-Blade and put your practice field tip through the designated hole and then attach your field tip to the arrow as you usually do.

It looks like a regular broadhead, but with a field tip at the end. The science behind why this works is that the field tip is dull, so when it hits the skin it stretches it like a rubber band.

As soon as one of the blades touches the skin it rips it open and the arrow cuts through for the kill. Not to mention the result is a hole that resembles a 12 gauge slug.

The All Blade comes in 2 inch cutting edges for different shooting variables for compound bows.

All Blade makes a difference and these lethal beasts are exclusively made for All-Blade.

The compound 4-blade is only 10 extra grains, so it doesn't throw off the shot. Imagine you're shooting a 100 grain field tip, well the 4 blade only adds 10 grains, so you're only dealing with 110 grains.

The All-Blades are made of .010 inch thick stainless steel, so they won't rust and have no upkeep. As a bonus, they come in a nice pocket sized container for easy travel.

All-Blades will undoubtedly break new waves. In controlled tests, every time, the broadhead came out of the target and was reusable.

Blade over shaft broadhead that is designed to fly like a field tip, but still packs a nasty punch!

A broadhead that is field tip accurate, powerful and lethal.

All-Blade Broadheads are exactly that! With the blade over shaft design, each blade is backed up by the arrow shaft itself, adding to the strength, stability and durability of the broadhead.

Simple to assemble, the practice tip shank inserts into the centre hole of the broadhead and you screw in the practice tip to the arrow.

Illustrated easy assembly instructions are on the back of the reusable clamshell package and the pack can literally fit into a shirt pocket.

All Blade 4 blade broadhead 10 grains 6 pack.

  • Fixed, serrated edged broadheads
  • Blade Over Shaft Stainless (BOSS) design
  • Pre-sharpened out of the pack
  • Weighs 10 grains
  • .010 inch thick stainless steel blades
  • 2 inch cutting diameter
  • Made in USA

Blade over shaft stainless steel broadheads.

The blades are stainless steel and will never rust

The most lethal broadhead for use with any field tip.

All-Blade Inc created a broadhead that brings confidence back to bow hunting.

All in all, any hunter looking for a new broadhead to match their field tip should consider the All Blade as their next choice. It is good, sturdy, lightweight and a welcome innovation to the broadhead world. Have 6 of these bad boys in your arsenal and be confident that they will perform reliably when you need them.

AA-All Blade Archery 4 blade broadhead 10gr 6 pack


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