Kayuga broadheads feature 2 solid blades for strength, reliability, performance and penetration.

Solid unvented blades mean there is silent flight.

Kayuga come pre-sharpened out of the pack, factory bevelled edge. When sharpening broadheads, always file the tip off so it is 3mm across. A touch up with a broadhead sharpener and it will be shaving sharp.

Kayuga broadhead

  • Screw in
  • 2 blade
  • 125 grains
  • 2 inches or 50mm long
  • Cutting diameter 1.06in or 27mm
  • 2mm reinforced tip
  • 5-16in ferrule
  • Braze welded
  • 48-50 Rockwell C hardness
  • Pre-sharpened out of the pack
  • Simple but effective
  • Solid unvented
  • Silent
  • Factory bevelled edge
  • High strength for good penetration
  • Come in a six pack in individual clamshells to retain sharpness

You must use a broadhead sharpener to re-sharpen your broadheads to razor sharpness. Once sharpened, you can perform a test to see if your broadhead is sharp - broadheads will normally shave hair on your upper arm. Broadhead sharpeners are sold separately.

Kayuga stands for Kill All Your Untamed Game Accurately.

AA-Kayuga screw in 2 blade broadhead 125gr 6 pack


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