The large frontal area imparts massive energy into small game while preventing pass-throughs.

The tips are push-on points crafted from tough rubber that deliver high-shocking power.

Resilient head, which is reusable, prevents shaft breakage.

May be used on a target arrow by fitting head over target point. Will slip on arrow shafts without gluing.

Works on all types of arrows, no taper needed, can even be installed over steel blunts for extra knock-down power.

Great for stump shooting and hunting practice off the target range.

Won't snake under grass or stick in stumps.

Kills small game without penetration.

Streamlined for true flight. Large impact area for greater shock.

Great for small game hunting and stump shooting.

Ideal for heavy pounded bows.

Also available as a screw in rubber blunt which is sold separately.

Abbey Standard Rubber Blunt comes in two sizes

  • 5/16" in 100 grain fits 5/16" shafts
  • 11/32" in 125 grain fits 11/32" shafts
  • Please specify size

AA-MB52 Slip Over Rubber Blunt


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