The SmartRest is a revolutionary drop away arrow rest featuring a new concept in fall away style arrow rests.

Smart downward cushion and micro adjustable drop speed assure unparalleled accuracy and total fletching clearance.

Rugged and easy to use for hunting and ultra accurate for competitive target shooting.

One person set up is fast and easy, thanks to innovative New Archery Products technology and design.

Micro adjustable centreshot and elevation makes tuning a snap and a faster acting flexible braided cable attaches to the downward moving buss cable.

Smart technology at the flying VEE launcher head minimizes arrow bounce for improved up and down accuracy.

Micro adjustable drop speed gives the option of guiding the arrow longer before the launcher falls away.

Quick adjust centreshot ability. Even fits bows with extreme centreshot specifications.

Includes a complete set of easy to understand instructions for the do it yourself specialist.

Replaceable VEE lauch arms are available should the need arise to replace one after years of shooting.

Longer contact with the arrow means better left and right...tighter groups.

SmartRest - the most advanced, accurate and easy to use drop away arrow rest available!

Available in right and left hand models. Please specify RH or LH.

NAP QuikTune SmartRest DropAway

  • Smart technology minimises arrow bounce for improved up & down accuracy
  • Micro adjustable drop speed for improved left & right accuracy
  • Faster acting flexible braided cable attached to the bow's buss cable
  • Easy, one person set up
  • Total fletching clearance on any conventional compound bow, period!

AA-NAP QuikTune SmartRest DropAway ArrowRest


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