The bacon skinner blades are .036" thick and Ultimate Steels have a powerful 1" cutting diameter with a one piece solid steel scalloped ferrule.

The Ultimate Steel is the ultimate fixed blade broadhead with a 100 grains and a razor sharp bacon skinner 1 inch cutting diameter blade and are unmatched for sharpness anywhere else on the market.

This is truly one durable broadhead for a lethal cut on contact shot.

Developed to remain stable during the high-speed forces from today's faster bows.

Ultimate Steel has been a staple in the Rocket line up for years because of its rugged construction and superior penetration.

Razor sharp blades deliver a lethal cut and stay sharp longer than traditional blades while the chisel tip delivers bone crunching penetration.

The minimised surface area of the scalloped ferrule boosts performance, devastating penetration and reduces wind drag.

Clean, sure penetration even your target could appreciate, except they'll never know what hit 'em.

Ultimate Steels are one great broadheads that use Rocket Science to fly just like field points.

Dial your bow in with a field point, then screw on an Ultimate Steel and get the identical flight for "field point accuracy".

Go from practice to prey with field point accuracy.

Dead Aim, Deadly Results. Ultimate Steels are excellent broadheads. In addition to undeniable field point accuracy, they deliver superior penetration, massive tissue damage and maximised entry and exit wounds.

Rocket Ultimate Steel 3 blade 100 grain broadhead 3 pack are the best penetrating, most fatally accurate broadheads you can buy to handle anything from boars to big game. Get Yours Today!

AA-Rocket Ultimate Steel 3 blade broadhead 100gr 3 pack


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