The SF Arrow Tube protects your arrows when transporting or storing. You've taken the time to tune your bow to perfection, so keep your arrows flying straight and true by protecting them in transit, at a shoot or out in the bush hunting.

The arrow tote has 4 lock positions to suit most arrow lengths and the locking adjustment customises the tube between 24.5" or 620mm to 40" or 1016mm for minimal movement.

It is solid, sturdy and very strong, made from a hard plastic which will withstand medium weight being applied to it. Threaded screw top lid for a secure closure to ensure your arrows will never fall out and provides easy access to your arrows by simply unscrewing lid. Includes foam lid insert to cushion and hold your arrows firmly in place at all times.

Arrow Case holds up to 24 arrows and includes webbing carrying strap and fits inside most hard and soft bow cases.

  • Adjusts to fit most arrow lengths
  • Telescopic adjustment of arrow case extends from its normal length of 24.5" or 620mm to 40" or 1016mm
  • Separate screw end cap
  • Holds up to 24 fletched arrows
  • Safeguards your arrows during transport
  • Arrow case fits inside most hard and soft bow cases
  • Protects arrows when placed in bow case
  • Adjustable nylon carrying strap
  • Convenient arrow carrier
  • Sturdy and hard wearing high strength rigid tube, made from very strong plastic
  • Familiar SF logo on the end cap
  • Available in black only
  • If you value your arrows and want them to last and perform at their best, don't settle for a cardboard postal tube

SF Archery's high quality archery products are made by Win & Win Archery, one of the world's leading archery manufacturers.

What better way to outfit your recurve bow than with this SF Arrow Tube. Get an SF Arrow Tube today.

AA-WNS SF Arrow Tube


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