With 80 full-colour pages Lets Start Fishing is a book for the whole family that enables people – whether children or adults – to have fun catching fish. Includes sections on: Tackle, Basic knots, Bait and lures, Where to fish, Safety and The environment.

Lets Start Fishing is a book that helps people – whether children or adult – to understand the basics of fishing and to quickly get them catching fish and to a medium level of experience. With 80 full-colour pages, Let’s Start Fishing covers everything that a beginning angler needs to know, including:

  • What tackle you need for the type of fishing you intend to do
  • How to cast
  • The basic and simple knots and rigs that you need to learn to tie well
  • What bait you need and how to get it
  • Which lures you need for which fish
  • Where the fish you are chasing are most likely to live
  • How to land and handle fish and crabs
  • How to keep yourself and the environment safe
  • Finally, there are plenty of tips and hints that will let you enjoy your day fishing

Above all, Let’s Start Fishing stresses that fishing should be fun – and the best way to have fun is when you’re fishing to be successful and catch fish. This book gives a head start to anyone new to fishing.



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