Enhance your archery accuracy with a Rapid 5 fibre optic bow sight!


Five pins help you adjust your aim depending on the range of your target. Tiny illumination points reduce the impact on your field of vision.

The Rapid 5 bow sight has unrivaled adjustability thanks to tool-less, stainless steel design.

  • Pin design uses stainless steel tubing for even greater durability
  • Detachable bracket
  • Ultra-fine click adjustment for windage and elevation
  • Tool-less design
  • Large circular field of view
  • One-piece head reduces vibration
  • Adjustable level with two vertical bars
  • Level is illuminated by luminescent shooter’s ring
  • Reversible bracket for greater vertical adjustability
  • Three sets of markings for elevation, windage and pin adjustments
  • Lighted models are designed to reduce unwanted pin glare
  • 0.019″ fiber pins
  • Three positions for sight lights

Suitable for right-handed bows only




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