Redzone Vulcan 30" Straight Fletched Carbon-Composite Arrows With 400 Spine Suits Up To 60 Pound Draw Weight

Redzone Vulcan 30" 400 spine carbon-composite arrows with screw on points are suitable for bows with a draw weight of up to 60 pounds. These popular straight fletched arrows feature 4" blue and white vanes, perfect arrow for hunting or club use.

Carbon-composite arrows are manufactured from 70% carbon and 30% fiberglass.

Key Features

  • Black shaft
  • Screw on point
  • Straight fletched
  • 4" blue and white vanes
  • 30" carbon-composite arrow
  • 400 spine, suits up to 60 pound draw weight
  • Push in nock that can be rotated for launcher or finger shooting
  • Also available individually in store
  • **Please Note** Vane colour may be subject to change
  • Model number: 5076

AL-5076 Redzone Vulcan 30" Straight Fletched Carbon


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