If you are after a professional surveillance camera to monitor your unattended property where the night flash will not disclose the existence of the camera? This is it! The GERBER 3G Wireless NO GLOW with HD recording, this unit also features a hidden built-in 2.0 inch color TFT display screen on the camera.

The GERBER GTC001 is a high performance water resistant camera with all advanced functions operating wirelessly on the 3G network via Telstra or Optus ect. Transmit pictures via MMS direct to your cell phone or emailed instantly as it happens.

The camera supports most 2G & 3G sim cards in Australia through 3G/MMS/SMTP/FTP - MMS Multimedia Messaging Service (text, images, videos and audio), SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (email), FTP File Transfer Protocol.

Capturing the action is a 12MP image resolution 1080P HD digital video scouting camera with a 52?FOV (Field of View) centered capture lens and yep you guessed it audio!.

The long range three levels setting sensitive PIR provides detection of up to 65ft/20m using a 52?FOV (Field of View) sensor in daylight or night time, the camera takes incredibly clear color daytime pictures. In complete darkness the NO GLOW 56 invisible IR infrared illumination LED's will activate lighting up to 65ft/20m and takes monochrome pictures/videos.

You can share the pictures with your friends, you can set it to send the images to multiple phones or emails. It is a perfect scouting device for hunting groups and clubs. It also can be used for security applications.

The GERBER GTC001 also works as a non-wireless device as well. SD card capacity allows you to use your device in areas with no cell coverage which allows you to retrieve images while in the field. It works 24/7.

**Please Note** To send pictures to your cell phone or email, you will need a SIM card and a package from your cell phone provider who provides MMS (picture messaging) services. Users must assure that they have a cell service in the area the camera is mounted to use the camera.

Product Overview

  • Compact size

  • Full HD 1080P


  • Time lapse, timer

  • Audio recording, TV out

  • Easy to use and mounting

  • 56pcs Invisible No Glow IR LEDs

  • Lockable and password protected

  • Impressive quick trigger time: 0.4s

  • 2.0" built-in color TFT display screen

  • Clear black and white pictures at night time

  • Sharp and bright colour pictures in day time

  • 5MP/8MP/12MP Selectable image resolution

  • With TV out (NTSC/PAL), USB, SD card holder slot

  • Support multiple functions, adjustable PIR sensitivity

  • Transmit pictures via MMS/GPRS to your cell phone/email

  • Unique side prep sensor for low standby power consumption

  • Date stamp (camera ID, date/time, temperature, moon phase)

  • 940NM LED Low beam infrared sensor (making infra-red LED invisible at night)

  • Unit uses 8 AA batteries (not supplied) can be powered by external DC 6V, 2A 240V power supply

  • Perform in the most extreme temperatures (-25°C-60°C)

  • Water resistant (not waterproof)

BAN-GTC001 Gerber Trail Camera with 3G


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