Launcher 243,308WIN, 7mm-08REM VONCOLD LBS-243/308 for caliber 243,308WIN, 7mm-08REM   is a good tool for correcting the "gunning" of your weapon. The cartridge-shaped laser is inserted directly into the barrel and the strong laser marker creates a red dot, the correction is made.


The laser cartridge provides only a rough gun and always needs precision and fine-tuning on the range. If you have a gun already shot, we recommend reinserting the laser into the chamber, marking its rotation in the chamber and checking the location of the beam against the cross, remembering it or writing somewhere. This will allow you to inspect the insertion whenever you put the laser back into the cartridge chamber.


BAN-LBS243 VONCOLD LBS-243/308 Red Laser 243,308WIN, 7mm-08REM


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