Jackall TN50 Hard Body Lures – 50mm

Jackall Bro’s TN 50 Jackall Fishing Lures

The Jackall TN50 fishing lure is part of the exciting TN range of lipless crankbaits from Jackall Bros and downsized version of the TN60, great for matching smaller bait profiles or fishing lighter line classes. The Jackall TN50 lures are extremely versatile lures that can be fished a lot of different ways, they cast very well making them perfect search baits over flats and weed beds. There are endless possibilities for vertical presentations as they vibrate both on the lift and drop. The Jackall TN50 fishing lures can also be cast into snags and will vibrate on the drop and also on a slow to medium retrieve.

The Jackall TN50 lures have a tungsten metal weight on the outside lip which allows for more body room for the lure to make its unique and irresistible rattling vibration. The Jackall TN50 lures are designed to have the ultimate balance so the lure can swim at the very slowest retrieval speeds for especially challenging conditions. The Jackall TN50 casts like a dream due to its 9 gram weight and is a bite sized 50mm in length. The Jackall TN50 lure is specially designed with a weight system that makes it possible for the lure to stand straight up at the bottom. This amazing feature will mean less snagging than other types of lipless crankbaits. The Metal chin guard will also help to protect the Jackall body from damage when knocking against timber and rocks.

The Jackall TN50 is dynamite on array of species with the most commonly targeted species being Bass, Redfin, Trout, Murray Cod, Small Barramundi, Saratoga, Bream and the Jackall TN50 has a reputation as the number one lure for Golden Perch and has long been a tournament winner!

Features and Specifications

  • Length 50mm
  • Weight 9 grams
  • Quality split rings and trebles
  • Amazing line up of proven colours
  • Balanced for the slowest of retrieval speeds
  • Metal chin to protect lure against hard knocks
  • Weighted to stand up straight on the bottom to reduce lure loses
  • Irresistible rattle and vibrating action
  • Can be fished vertically and horizontally


  • The Jackall TN50 has a weight of 9 grams and cast be used to cast great distances or even work deeper water. The Jackall TN50 can be used vertically or horizontally making this a very versatile lure for any fishing scenario.
  • The Jackall TN50 boasts an amazingly productive rattle and vibrating action which sets these lure miles ahead of other bibless crank baits.
  • The Jackall TN50 is weighted to perfection and when it reaches the bottom will stand up straight as not to snag up as much as other brands and sure to save you a lot of money.
  • The Jackall TN50 with its worldwide reputation as one of, if not THE best freshwater bibless crankbaits available allows you to purchase this lure with confidence! Its scientific balancing and action is set to have you locked into battle in no time at all so grab some Jackall’s and join in the action! Try A Jackall TN50 Fishing Lure today.

JK-TN50-… Hard Body Lures – 50mm LIPLESS CRANKBAITS


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