Jarvis Walker 300 or 500 Piece Tackle Box Kit


Jarvis Walker Tackle Box Kits contain everything you might ever need, from a huge range of lures to hook removers, bells, snips, tools, leaders, and more. Jarvis Walker Tackle Box Kits come ready-packed in smooth plastic boxes that are both durable and deceptively light for their size.


Available in different models, the plastic boxes have a two-tray or three-tray set up. The Jarvis Walker 300 Piece Tackle Box Kit comes with a two-tray setup, which has more than enough storage space for 300 pieces of tackle. Jarvis Walker 500 Piece Tackle Box Kit, on the other hand, has a three-tray model.

Jarvis Walker Tackle Box Kits offer great value for money and also make the perfect gift for an Aussie angler.

JW-6851. Jarvis Walker Tackle Box Kits


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