Jarvis Walker Pro Shad Jigheads

Enjoy exciting saltwater fish catching action with the Jarvis Walker Pro Shad Jighead Packs. Choose your Pro Shad Jigheads by different weight (1/4oz, 1/8oz, 3/8oz) and different size of hooks (2, 1, 1/0, 2/0). Jarvis Walker Pro Shad Jighead Packs offer value for money at an anglers’ choice of quantity. This is on very affordable price and high quality makes the product very unique. The single hooks help secure your catches.

Jarvis Walker Pro Shad Jigheads powder-coated design delivers durability and helps to keep the hook eye open for easy rigging - an excellent choice for saltwater fishing.

Jarvis Walker Pro Shad Jigheads are built with a lead round head and carbon steel barbed hook - these hooks have a proven track record for catching fish. The hooks are so sharp, it’s important to be careful while handling your Pro Shads.

Being suitable for a wide variety of species, Jarvis Walker Pro Shad Jigheads are perfect for bass, snakehead, Mandarin fish, catfish, blackcap, top mouth culter, Mako fish, wild carp, trout, salmon, redfish and yellow and more.
Code Model Size Pack Qty
34834 Pro Shad Jigheads  3/8oz  Hook Sz 1/0 & Sz 2/0 3/8oz 4
34839 Pro Shad Jigheads 1/2oz  Hook Sz 2/0 & Sz 1/0 1/oz 4
34832 Pro Shad Jigheads  1/8oz  Hook Sz 2 & Sz 1 1/8oz 6
34833 Pro Shad Jigheads  1/4oz  Hook Sz 1 & Sz 1/0 1/4oz 6
Key Features
  • Easy selection
  • Very affordable
  • Durable design
  • Proven track record for successful fishing
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JW-3483. Pro Shad Jigheads


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