Fin-Nor Lethal Fishing Rods are set to rule the roost and become firm favourites among Australian anglers. They are absolutely lethal on fish no matter how big or tenacious. Oversize predatory fish are no match for an angler armed with a Fin-Nor Lethal Fishing Rod.


Dedicated fishos will be drawn to the Fin-Nor Lethal Fishing Rods. They are the perfect culmination of raw power and versatility – something almost impossible to find in the same price range. Combine these features with the durability and dependability of a Fin-Nor Lethal Fishing Rod and you know you have a trendsetter on your hands.

Fin-Nor Lethal Fishing Rods come in a variety of weight classes and lengths, each delivering above and beyond anything else in the class. These sturdy rods are the personification of brute strength and are ideal for targeting the most aggressive predatory fish found in the sea. If there is anything that is guaranteed in this world, it is the fact that Fin-Nor Lethal Fishing Rods deliver.


Each Fin-Nor Lethal Fishing Rod comes with an integrated solid tip rod for maximum stability. The overhead models come with roller tips, which are perfect for those who fish offshore. Under bound and over bound guides are made of stainless steel that add to the backbone of the Fin-Nor Lethal Fishing Rod, making them one of the most dependable line of rods in their class on the market today.


Code Model Met. Pc Rating
160261 Lethal FNL 701SPL 2.10m 1/P 5-8kg



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