Magnus Stinger BuzzCut 4 blade screw in broadhead 100 grain, length 2 1-8″ or 54mm, cutting diameter 1 1-16″ or 27mm, 3 pack.

The original Magnus Stinger now has an angry sibling to contend with….the Magnus Stinger Buzz Cut with Diamond Tip for superior bone splitting penetration on any game animal.

Built with the same attention to detail and from the same list of quality materials, the BuzzCut stands apart with its chisel-cut serrated main blade… a blade unlike any other serrated blade on the market. 

This serrated, cut on contact stainless steel blade edge results in superior penetration, massive tissue damage and excellent blood trails for quicker recovery of game.

Every Stinger BuzzCut is spin tested at the factory for perfect alignment and field point accuracy and performs flawlessly from the fastest bows on the planet.

The quality of construction is unmatched, but if you break a Magnus, it will be replaced under the Magnus “no questions asked” Lifetime Guarantee. Razor Sharp Blades. Made in USA.

Knife grade stainless steel, aircraft grade aluminium ferrule, razor sharp out of the package, for outstanding flight.

The Stinger BuzzCut is the only choice when every shot counts.

You can sharpen the main blades yourself, or replace them… either way, the Stinger BuzzCut effectively fills every need for a solid hunting broadhead.

Only Magnus delivers durability and performance.

AA-MGSBC1004000 Magnus Stinger BuzzCut 4 blade screw in broadhead 100gr 3s


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