54MM – 4.8GRMS

Microwaked bait full of fishing elements

The item that embodies the feeling of Prof Angler Furusawa Victory, which wants to deliver a lure that can be fun and playfully fished without being greatly influenced by the level of the user, is micro tappy.

Everyone can just throw and roll, action can be done, byte is visible The surface wake bait is micro-sized so that results can be made constant even in high pressure fields. A blade attached to the abdomen, a flushing tail with buoyancy directs a flushing like a complex wave and small fish flock, invites a bite.

Even though it is a small body shape, each part creates a big appeal full of life and attracts fish from afar. Micro tappy with the power to make the big bus go bigger from the small bus to the big bus. Not only customers who want one More Fish, they will be items that can help one of the first women and children. Please try it in the field near by all means.

【Commentary by Furusawa Katsuteri Pro】



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