• Not compatible with 209 Primer Pistols.
  • Not recommended for use in theatrical productions or indoors.
  • Please use caution when firing these blanks in 8 shot revolver blank pistols. Tight chamber spacing combined with opening in end of blank can cause the blank being fired to set off adjacent blanks.
  • When using these blanks with the Alfa or Viper pistol, there is the potential for the pistol to jam if the cylinder is advanced when the pistol is not pointing down.
  • Not recommended for Track and Field or starting other sporting events. It is our understanding that only Black Powder Blanks should be used for these events.

    Walther Crimps are among the smallest and the quietest of the .22 blanks that we sell and use smokeless powder. This crimped blank is sometimes referred to as an "acorn" blank because they look like small acorns. 100 per can.



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