The Platypus Recurve Bow Ready To Shoot Set 

The Abbey Platypus Recurve Bow Ready to Shoot Set for sale is a beginner’s delight. Take your kids from their first shot to olympic gold, well probably not but every top flight archer started somewhere.

Specs at a glance : Abbey Platypus Recurve Bow Ready To Shoot Set

  • Draw Weight 15lbs at 22″ draw length
  • Length 50″
  • Mass Weight 3lbs
  • Limbs Compression Moulded Fibreglass Recurve
  • Riser – Aluminium
  • Speed 88fps
  • Integral Grip
  • Colour Black
  • Lightweight for easy holding
  • Only available in Right Hand

The Platypus is a take down recurve bow and is fun for the budding young recurve archer who wants their own Robin Hood bow.

Tons of kids started out with a Platypus style recurve – ideal as a starter bow and the Platypus will not break the bank.

Abbey Platypus Recurve bow includes :

  • E-Z Draw arrow rest (to secure your arrow on the rest while you are drawing back your bowstring)
  • Pin sight (to take aim at your target)
  • 3 wood arrows (to get your budding archer up and running. Most new archers (or their Mums and Dads) wisely purchase an extra dozen or half dozen arrows)
  • Armguard (to protect the inside of your forearm from string slap)
  • 19.5″ long Side Quiver (can hold up to 3-4 arrows and has a belt loop)
  • Black carbon take-down limbs (for easy storage and transportation)
  • Black handle or riser (your limbs attach to the handle)
  • Dacron bow string (strung between the bow tips, to propel your arrow forward)


AA-PLATYPUS Platypus Recurve Bow Ready To Shoot Set


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